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AI Meal Planning & Grocery Delivery

A Meal Planning and Grocery Delivery platform driven by Generative AI.
The AI will create a customized Meal Plan for the user based on the user's preferences and medical conditions.
Users will review the meal plan,make payment and the platform will automate grocery delivery. Ingredients for the meal plan can be preset by the Administrator in the ingredient database.

Key Features of the System includes:​

  • Meal Plan can be generated based on criteria determined by Admin

  • Ingredients to generate Meal Plans can be preset in the system by Admin

  • User can make payment via Stripe gateway

  • Customizable for three groups of potential Clients:
    a. Grocery Delivery start-ups looking to launch their service in the market
    b. Grocery Stores who want to increase sales by providing additional value to their clients
    c. Nutritionist or Dietician clinics who wants to increase efficiencies or scale their service

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